Investing in Bitcoin: how to pick up the best Bitcoin exchange? 

Many beginners in the crypto world are often wondering about the latest trends and tendencies on the market of crypto coins. The main thing that the behavior of most types of crypto money continues to be hardly predictable. It is difficult to make a smart and precise prognosis regarding the digital currencies, as well as the Bitcoin exchange rate. However, most experts believe the BTC price is likely to continue growing within the next few years. We can’t give you any 100% true recommendation since buying Bitcoin is only your personal decision and you will take the entire responsibility for the amount and the prices to choose. The risk will always be one of the parts of any investment process. 


Still, our team of professionals can provide you the most detailed data on how to buy Bitcoin and where to buy Bitcoin, as well as discover the exclusive places to know the Bitcoin price live. Now, you don’t need to look for advanced data about the chosen crypto for days and hours - we’ve collected all the necessary information in one place. Discover the latest news about the best way to buy Bitcoin and choose the most fitting wallet for your digital money in no time. 

Bitcoin exchange service: top wallets to choose from

After you made a final decision to buy Bitcoin, you will first need to find a safe place to store your crypto. This means you actually need a wallet or a special digital container to keep your money safe. You will get two types of keys - private keys to get access to your container and public keys to make transactions with your coins. To put it simply, a wallet is a unique storage for keeping your currencies. There are plenty of types of wallets to choose from. In this post, we are going to describe the most demanding options available in the crypto environment. 


Paper-based. Paper-based solutions are known to be among the most secure options for storing your coins. Generally, it is just a piece of paper with your unique code printed on it. These are QR codes you will need to scan to log in to your money container. This type of wallet can’t be stolen by any hackers or used by third parties since it doesn’t need to have an Internet connection at all. However, make sure to keep your code away from kids and store in the safest place you can find. Make sure no one can steal it from your homeplace or damage it physically.


Mobile and online solutions. These are one of the handiest services that will help you to buy BTC with no effort. These are the fastest utilities that provide you simple access to your coins. However, these wallets usually use cloud-based servers to store your data and can be potentially hacked. These platforms are surely secure but still need some precaution when using them for storing money. By the way, there are plenty of utilities that are developed exactly for portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Feel free to keep in touch with your balance and perform Bitcoin transactions on the fly. 


Hardware/software storage. When compared software vs hardware options, hardware alternatives are considered to be safer. The matter is that hardware wallets usually come in the form of separate gadgets that connect to your laptop or personal computer. These are devices that are perfect for storing crypto. However, software containers are brilliant for making transactions in a fast and comfortable way. In case you are an experienced trader, who needs an easy-to-use and feature-rich solution, it might be a good idea to pick up a good software wallet. Note: using different apps and programs on your machine requires ensuring maximum protection of your PC. Don’t forget to use the most modern antivirus and antimalware platforms. 

Top services to buy Bitcoin 

There are dozens of wallets that are available to users from different countries. In case you don’t want to analyze tons of data for picking up the most fitting platform, we’ve made it right for you. How to purchase Bitcoin? There is nothing easier! Just choose one of the options below and become a crypto trader in a blink of an eye. 


If you are searching for a Bitcoin platform with a top-notch reputation, Bitstamp is here to assist you in buying crypto. The service has been present in the environment of digital money for years and has been attracting crowds of new users each year. Although the wallet can boast to support lots of different currencies, it still has a superior design and a whopping number of excellent functions. 


The platform has advanced security tools, so you can sleep well at night with no need to worry about your crypto. In case you would like not only to store cyber money but also to make various financial operations, you will surely like Bitstamp’s reasonable pricing policy. The system also takes care of its users - you can contact the support team for any question and get a response in less than 72 hours depending on the channel of communication you’ve chosen. The service will suit both beginners who want to store their currencies and professional crypto enthusiasts who are dealing with large volumes of bitcoin. 


This US-based service is known to have the highest focus on the clients’ safety. In case you would like to start using the platform with the highest level of protection of both your money and your privacy, Bittrex is the one you need. The program has tons of trading options that are highly demanded by thousands of pro users. 


Although the solution offers fees that are a bit higher than average (0.25% commission should be paid for any type of financial operation), it offers a premium quality service to all the customers globally. As you can see, the pricing policy is completely understandable and doesn’t contain any hidden payments. Furthermore, you will not get lost in different fees applies to the different transactions since the platform has a single fee for everyone regardless of the country of origin, amount of Bitcoins you will buy or sell, or other parameters. 


So, you’ve decided to buy Bitcoins along with the other types of crypto. Is there any universal wallet for these purposes? Sure! Binance supports an incredible number of various cyber currencies to buy and sell online. The fees offered by the app are simply awesome - you will need to pay only a .1% commission for various types of trades. The number of crypto money that a platform can deal with is so huge that there are some currencies you might not ever heard of. 


As a rule, the transactions made with the help of the service are fast and won’t make you wait for too long to come into life. However, in case you suddenly face any problem with Binance, it is always ready to assist you in resolving any issue. The support managers are usually fast to respond and are very friendly. 


Being one of the leading wallets in the United States, this platform is also considered to be the simplest and fastest way to buy Bitcoins. Not only you can purchase and sell your crypto, you can also use the service as fully-featured storage. If you are multi-crypto enthusiasts, you can also store all your digital money in the same Coinbase wallet. 


Feel free to use your bank account for making crypto purchases. This is as easy as a piece of cake! The fees for making operations are also very pleasant - you will spend $1-$50 for performing transactions with the help of your exchange. As for the debit or credit cards used for shopping Bitcoin, you are required to pay a 2.5% fee. 


The program has one of the most powerful security features you can find among its analogs. 2-factor authentication, backups, asset insurance are just a few security tools offered by the system. Moreover, the platform keeps almost all your funds offline, making them inaccessible for hackers or malware. To put it short, this program is one of the leading ones in its niche all over the world. 


No, there is no mistake on the title of the popular service. Why did the developers give their service such a tricky name? The mater is that Robinhood is a completely unique solution that doesn’t require you paying any fees for using it at all! It is obvious that the service has revolutionized the crypto space and brought plenty of novelties into the area. 


The main idea of the program is to make all the operations affordable for a wide range of users. This means you don’t need to pay a cent for buying or selling Bitcoin or other types of digital money. There are also no deposit fees and any prescription costs to use the platform. In case you are also wondering about the hidden costs, there are none. It is a decent and trustworthy service that is very comfortable to use.  


Unfortunately, Robinhood is currently available not in all American states. However, the company is expanding is geography. 


The system is an advanced exchange platform and handy crypto wallet that makes all your purchases outstandingly fast and easy. You will be amazed by the number of active users of Coinmama - the program can boast to have over a million customers in numerous countries all over the world. 


Buying coins is as easy as possible. You can find this function right on the main program’s page. The fees for using the platform are loyal and are likely to suit almost any budget. By the way, shopping with your debit or credit card is a bit more expensive than using a bank transfer. 


The solution has a pure website with all the functions available at hand. Although there is no mobile app, using an official site is very easy. 

Tips to buy coins with a debit or credit card 

Purchasing Bitcoin with a standard credit or debit card is one of the most popular options for thousands of users. This way of shopping is easy and fast. To make your first purchase, you will need to add your card to your personal wallet. Each service has a different design to perform this action, so it is better to go to the FAQ section of a chosen platform in case you feel you are having any difficulties. 


Most services accept MasterCard and Visa but will not be helpful with charging money from your American Express card. This means it is better to discover the types of cards your service accepts in advance. 


By the way, most solutions will ask you to pass the verification process before making a purchase with the help of the credit or debit card. You will need to upload your ID or provide some other personal data to get proof from the chosen exchange. Although there are some solutions that don’t require making such measures, most of them will ask you about identification. 

Prompts to buy coins with your PayPal

Buying crypto money with the help of your PayPal account is surely possible. Most exchange apps and wallets accept this way of making payment. To buy your first Bitcoin, you will need to make just a few steps. Create an account on a chosen service and don’t forget to confirm it via email link. Set it up with a new password and make sure everything is working properly. After that, go to the Deposit menu and go to PayPal Express Checkout. After all, choose the Exchange menu and make your purchase. 

Tips to buy coins with cash

If you are one of those users, who would like to get crypto coins for cash, you will need to know that it is also very simple. Just find a Bitcoin ATM in your local area and choose the Buy Bitcoins menu. After that, verify your identification, scan your personal wallet, and input cash. Get your receipt and wait for cyber money to appear in your storage. The entire process will take you no longer than a couple of minutes.